Search Engine optimization and web site submission Search engine optimization and web site submission is the first place people come when they have questions like "How can I get a better search engine placement", "How can I increase my search engine positioning" or "What are the prices or costs for optimizing my web site". We are a professional search engine optimization company, offering web site promotion services to get your site listed while getting more sales using search engines. Our advice on search engine ranking, search engine optimization and website submission along with the free optimizing tools and positioning/registration related information will ensure your site is fully optimized to attract more direct traffic and sales.

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Welcome to 'search engine optimization and web site submission'.
We specialize in getting your site a good search engine ranking. Our web promotion services offer the right service for every budget. Whether your a beginner or a geek, we talk your language and guarantee a satisfactory relationship between our companies.

Search enigne submission

Search engine submission

We submit to all the big engines like Google (powering AOL, CNN, Netscape and many others), Yahoo (powering AlltheWeb and Altavista and many others) and the Mozilla directory (powering AOL, AltaVista, HotBot, Google, Lycos, Netscape Search and many others) for only $59.95. This submission includes a basic check on your website in order to get the maximum effect for your money. [order now] [more search engine submission info]

If you can't wait weeks or months to get listed, you can include your site guaranteed within 48 hours in AltaVista, AllTheWeb, AskJeeves, Enhance, Fast, FindWhat, HotBot, Kanoodle, LookSmart, Lycos, Overture Site Match, ScrubTheWeb, Teoma, whatUseek and Yahoo! [more guaranteed placement info]

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

While search engine submission gets your site listed, it is no guarantee for many visitors to your site! Most people look no further than the web site listings high in the search engine results. If your site is not listed in the first 15 results, you will not get many visitors. Our search engine optimization services get your site positioned above your competitors.

For $139.95 we submit your site and review your web site twice. A professional web optimizer will visit your site and give you as many suggestions as possible in order to get your site in the top 10 for as many related keywords as possible. After you (or your web developer) made the suggested changes, you let us know and we give you a second detailed analysis on your web site to fine tune and check on the changes, and to ensure your renewed site is able to get the desired search engine registration and positioning. [order now] [more search engine optimization info]

For $499.95 we give you support during 5 months. You will get five detailed reports in which we state what you will have to add, move, remove or change on your site in order to get those top ranks. The service is personal, and we adapt to your knowledge of html when making your 'web-rank-improve' list. During the service you can ask as many questions as you wish. We aim for a top 10 search engine ranking for as many keywords as possible. [order now] [more search engine optimization info]

Custom web site promotion services

Custom web site promotion services

For those companies and organizations that want more, less, or something in between, we offer customized web site promotion services. Tell us your needs and we will provide you with free price quote including a price break down, and the time that is needed to achieve your goals. [get my free web site promotion quote]

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I am new to web site promotion!

Getting listed on search engines the low-cost way
You or your web developer made a web site. You might already be listed in search engines, you might even have tried one of the many free search engine submission services around. In order to get visitors from search engines you will have to be included in the search engine databases. Submission is often free, although there is no guarantee that your site will be included. If you choose to use one of our submission services (for as low as $59.95) you will have the guarantee that your site is included in the main search engines. (See $59.95 Submission)

Getting listed faster (pay-for-inclusion)
Free submission services often take weeks or even months before your site is included, sometimes your site is not included at all. You don't get a mail from search engines stating your registration was successful (or not). If you want to be listed in 48 hours, you will have to pay the search engines. (See Guaranteed inclusion)

Getting a top rank through search engine optimization
When you achieve top ranks through search engine optimization, your visitors are free. Basically you design your site so that search engines like it better than your competitors. You can do this yourself, or you can call in professional help. Because being listed in the top-10 or being listed in the top-30 often makes a difference of thousands of dollars a month, you can expect a fierce competition for practically every single service, product or hobby available online. While a good search engine ranking will take time and a lot of effort, search engine optimization is far more effective than advertising and can get an enormous return on investments when done right. (See $139.95 Search engine optimization and $499.95 Search engine optimization)

What if I'm already registered with search engines?

90% of our customers is already listed. However, so are 3-4 billion other web pages! All want to show up in the first 5 or 10 search engine results, but only a select few can. Being registered is as good as not being registered when you show up at page 15, or worse. For this very reason our services are more than just search engine submission / registration services. Listed or not, there's always things to improve!

How do your payments work?

We use third party merchant PayPal because it accepts almost all credit cards and non-credit card payments. After payment you click on the 'continue' button, and will be directed to a screen where you can fill in your web site details like your keywords, site to optimize and extra information that can help us to improve your website positoning further. We guarantee to submit your site and send your optimization report within three working days. Most of the time you will get it the same day you order. For custom web promotion services we use Western Union.

Why our optimization and not any other optimization company?

We rank top 10 for all keyword phrases we target. (See 'Search engine registration', 'Search engine submission', 'Search engine optimization', 'Web site submission' and many others) We don't pay for top ranks, and neither should you. We apply the same simple but effective strategy for your site as we do with our own. No search engine tricks, our tactics work for any search engine that brings relevant search results. We often help clients that walked away from competitors to find out they paid a lot of money for the kind of 'search engine optimization' you can find in free ebooks. This kind of optimization does more harm than good! We take great pride in our services which enable small spenders to outrank the major players on the web.

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